Organisations, departments and individuals and groups sometimes need some training, facilitation and support to move forward or embed new transformations and changes. @morvahconsulting, we not only deliver your sessions but also make sure we co-develop the right learning and development solution to meet your needs.

For example, we can provide one-to-one coaching for the leaders and staff of your new department as they settle into their new roles, processes and interact with the rest of your organisation or we can conduct a leadership workshop or training on emerging health and safety priorities and their role. The location, style and brand is fully tailorable, we will bring our knowledge, experience and independence to deliver.

We can provide:

  • Group and individual health and safety training
  • Policy and process roll out support
  • IT transformation roll out
  • Board and leadership strategy workshop facilitation
  • New entity or department coaching support and check-ins
  • #IamRemarkable self-promotion workshop facilitation
  • Mentoring and coaching for mid-career professionals

All our offerings include clear definition of a learning and development journey and can be aligned to your existing HR learning and development processes. Training can be provided remotely or on-site.

@morvahconsulting, we provide experienced facilitators and trainers who have worked with teams from field operations to C-Suite strategic direction. We can offer a range of technical experts or facilitation approaches so please contact us as to find out more.

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Louisa May Alcott