Christmas Book Donation 2023

Last year we reached out to some of our local schools to offer to purchase some books for them. It was a great success, and the children were so enthusiastic about the books they received. Knowing the importance of access to books for students, we reached out again this year to offer another book donation.

Fowey River Academy chose several books for each year group, and it was lovely visit the school today to hear from Deborah the librarian about how the children had provided some great deal of input on the books that they wanted to have in the library. Deborah approached each year group and collected some of their favourite authors and titles. They have chosen some really interesting and varied books, and several had already been taken out, which was brilliant to hear. Deborah has been achieving so much with the library and it was lovely to see how much it has progressed since our visit last year.

We also provided Tywardreath Pre-school Playgroup with a Christmas book for each of the children. They have received a mixture of traditional and modern Christmas books, that will suit the ages of the children. These will be wrapped up to hand out to the children at their end of term Christmas party and they may even have a visit from the big man himself to hand out the books to the children.

Arriving back to the office after a lovely morning talking about books to be greeted with the most beautiful rainbow over the valley.